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About KCU + Plus

KCU + Plus launched in mid- to late December 2021. It is the exclusive home to KC Universal Network originals, web series and media production. Founder Kris Caballero has been doing video production since 2001, and has produced video projects both for his own creations, for freelance work and also for school. Since then, along with working a corporate 9-to-5 job, Kris tooks matters into his own hands to launch his own production portfolio, to which he expanded into being a place for reviews, from books to DVDs, and now into a large conglomerate to where he talks about, covers and discusses various sections of interests he's passionate about and has fun learning about.

This video/audio sharing website presents itself as an open platform, similar to Pluto TV, as you, the viewer/fan/user, have been provided options for your viewerships and/or participation via comments and ratings. From originally-produced series to specials, and podcasting to video blogging, you will find a humble yet a decent plethora of productions made to inform and entertain anyone and everyone.

All comments are moderating and reviewed by an actual human being before approval. We ask that you please stay on topic when commenting, but would be happy to hear and see feedback!

While we are not yet on the verge of developing an app, yet, we hope you enjoy everything that we've produced for you, your family, your friends and many more and appreciate your visitation, your viewership and your participation!

Any questions regarding our operations, or to know more about the stuff we do here, please contact us.