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"Behind The Camera: Three's Company - The Unauthorized Story" (2003)

Found and Revisited

Many fans, both casual and diehards, may have remembered this. To our knowledge, this was never aired again. Don't you hate when networks do that? Thank goodness for websites like these where preservation is our specialty. You've landed on the full version airing of Behind the Camera: Three's Company - The Unauthorized Story!

We made mention that we are huge fans of the sitcom, but understand that success comes with a price. Featuring Joyce DeWitt herself and executively produced by Stanley M. Brooks, a lot went on during the tenure of the show, the changes in cast members and the collaboration between the actors and producers themselves. Perfect for those wanting to know how rough the entertainment business can be. Still, a great watch for all fans of the show! Let us know what you think!

All copyrights, credits and other rights go to NBC and executive producer Stanley M. Brooks. This was uploaded and shared with the intent to discuss and briefly review with the general public. Please contact us with the subject line "Media" for further discussions about permission, rights, ownership and/or any other matters in regard to this post as well as the talent(s) featured in this video.


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