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"Food Network All-Star Thanksgiving Special" (2004)

Found and Revisited

KCU + Plus presents our first upload of Food Network All-Star Thanksgiving Special! Happily requested by a fan, this very first video marks as the grand opening of the Found and Revisited channel, sharing our personal recordings of defunct and cancelled shows from the past and recalling them in their entirety!

As for the show itself, it's a special hour-and-a-half show featuring all of Food Network's stars gathered to create their best Thanksgiving dishes. The stars are as follows: Emeril Lagasse, Rachel Ray, Alton Brown, Tyler Florence, Paula Deen, Sara Moulton and Giada De Laurentiis. This rare special was aired originally in 2004, but our recording, uploaded here, was done and captured in 2006 straight from source (recorded from our own DVD+R, personally). Because the stars of this special have "graduated" from the network, they don't air this treat anymore. Well, here it is for everyone to enjoy!

All copyrights, credits and other rights go to Silver Plume Productions and Food Network. This was uploaded and shared with the intent to discuss and briefly review with the general public. Please contact us with the subject line "Media" for further discussions about permission, rights, ownership and/or any other matters in regard to this post as well as the talent(s) featured in this video.


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