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"Food Network Challenge: Spam Cook-Off [Spamarama]" (2003)

Found and Revisited

Found and Revisited back with a program that hasn't gotten re-aired in any way shape or form, making this another rare treat. We wish would have a follow-up and an annual broadcast of this event as it is one-of-a-kind. Via Food Network Challenge series, this is the Spam Cook-Off hosted by Spamarama! We hope you enjoy this rare broadcast!

We published an article about this Spam Cook-Off here, and our thoughts judging from this one-hour broadcast special. All the talented cooks competing for bragging rights—no money involved. Even with no cash prize, cooks and chefs of all kinds have fun whipping up the best dish that Spam themselves could ever dream of. For the record, we hope to see this event make a comeback!

All copyrights, credits and other rights go to High Point Productions and Food Network. This was uploaded and shared with the intent to discuss and briefly review with the general public. Please contact us with the subject line "Media" for further discussions about permission, rights, ownership and/or any other matters in regard to this post as well as the talent(s) featured in this video.


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