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"Simply Delicioso" (2007)

Found and Revisited

Ah yes, it's Simply Delicioso! Aiming to bring more latin flare, Ingrid Hoffmann shows off her recipes to spice up the homecook and their cooking!

Nowadays, we know that Pati Jinich has quietly made waves in the same department. You think Hoffmann's show would still hold up today? Would her style contribute to today's modern standards? Enjoy this rare series hosted by the Latina "Rachael Ray!"

All copyrights, credits and other rights go to Food Network. This was uploaded and shared with the intent to discuss and briefly review with the general public. Please contact us with the subject line "Media" for further discussions about permission, rights, ownership and/or any other matters in regard to this post as well as the talent(s) featured in this video.


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