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"Sears Protective Shutters" (1991)

VHS Drive-Thru

Welcome to the very first post here at VHS Drive-Thru! Here we look at a commercial tape that's so rare that no one online has placed this for sale, at least not yet. This is by Sears and their advertisement for Shutters In Motion!

It was the nineties, and we recalled receiving VHS tapes in the mail from various companies advertising grand openings, exclusive services and products at particular regions in certain cities. It was a treat receiving those, and now fast forward all these years, and we get to look at them! Enjoy our first upload!

Check out our review of this VHS tape at KCUniversal.net.

All copyrights, credits and other rights go to Sears. This was uploaded and shared with the intent to discuss and briefly review with the general public. Please contact us with the subject line "Media" for further discussions about permission, rights, ownership and/or any other matters in regard to this post as well as the talent(s) featured in this video.


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