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"Duper Bros." (Levels 1-6)

DELAYED UPLOAD—this was due to audio errors. Anyway, here we are!

Featuring on this night was a simple platforming game that resembles a lot like the Mario series in its earlier days. Developed by Konstantinos Papadakis, this is Duper Bros (Super Bros!) for the iOS! This game presents its own difficulties, as witnessed by Kris himself on this week's episode.

Special thanks to developer, Konstantinos Papadakis for making this game!

Friday Night Video Gaming is a series focused on playing retro, "old school" video and computer games, along with some modern titles. This is a KC Universal Network Original (formerly SHOWSOTROS). Artwork, video game footage featuring the game(s) and all images depicting such illustrations and images are credited to the producers, creators and those involved. No copyright was/were purposely infringed, in compliance with Fair Use. All motion graphics were composed and designed personally. The series format is inspired by the Let's Play format.

This episode was shot, edited and produced for the purposes of entertainment, uploaded, with permission, from the host and from any/all other parties involved.


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