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"Bejeweled" (PC)

Wow, something new! Yeah, and I did terrible given that I haven't played this in forever. Worse, I'm used to playing this on the app, and was awful using the mouse. I need to play more video games to get my reflexes going. Anyway, you're looking at my brief gameplay of the original Bejeweled for the PC!

We do have more variants of Bejeweled so look for those in the upcoming uploads!

KCU Video Game Longplays is a channel on KCU Plus featuring full-on playthroughs stamped with a summarized game information, the person who played the game and our logo on the video. All copyrights, from the video game itself and all that it presents and features, belong to the company developer(s), their publisher(s) and every entity involved in the making of this product released to the consumer market. In no way was this intended to infringe on any company's and/or person's copyrights as this was done for the purposes of presentation and entertainment—an indirect way to play these games remotely to an open audience. We will NOT hold any responsibility to those caught illegally playing and downloading this game, nor do we entertain requests for a copy. NO EXCEPTIONS. Games of this kind, along with all that have been uploaded and shown on this website, have been fully purchased and owned personally from our own collection.

More video game longplays to come! Let us know what you think on the comments section below! Thank you, PopCap!


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