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"Video Game Talk: StarTropics"


(NOTE: Written below was the original podcast description upon its original release.)

Ranging from video production to video games, hear my takes, my histories and my experiences here at Podsotros.

This week jumps into the universe of video games! Here I talk about one of my favorite, yet underrated, classic RPGs: StarTropics. Find out more about this overlooked gem and what makes this special to a niche group of video gamers.

The soundtrack is "Amsterdam" by Arashtafarian. (Used with permission.)
Episode #003: Download MP3 (36.4 MB)

Duration: 38:22

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Sources mentioned on the podcast:
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StarTropics on Wikipedia: StarTropics - Wikipedia, the free encylopedia

StarTropics on NintendoCosmos: NintendoCosmos | The unofficial Nintendo Fan Site | Star Tropics

StarTropics by Hardcore Gaming 101: Hardcore Gaming 101: StarTropics

Nintendo Life - StarTropics: StarTropics (NES) News, Reviews, Trailer & Screenshots

PODSOTROS! was the original and official podcast of SHOWSOTROS! Productions. This is a KC Universal Network Original podcast series (formerly SHOWSOTROS). Soundtracks are credited to the producers, creators and those involved. No copyright was/were purposely infringed, in compliance with Fair Use. Any brand names, reviews, and/or titles mentioned on the podcast are credited to those behind the names, and are not affiliated in any way, shape or form.

This podcast episode was recorded, edited and produced for the purposes of entertainment, uploaded, with permission, from the host and from any/all other parties involved.


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