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EP. 05: "Nobuo Uematsu, Yellow Magic Orchestra and Herbie Hancock" [LAST EPISODE]

Beat Chatter

Beat Chatter has hit its zenith overall, as this release has been slated as the last episode of the series. Both Kris and Ryley discuss their favorite composers all the way to talking about nightmarish music videos. All that and more on this final episode of "Beat Chatter!"

Beat Chatter is a collaborative project bringing the fun in talking about music. This series was happily presented by the Talk Music Talk, per MUSICSOTROS, on KC Universal Network (formerly SHOWSOTROS). Credits go to co-host Ryley Wyatt Merchant, founder of Contemplative Shenanigan Inc. Album covers, screenshots, images from films/shows/music videos, and/or various images depicting artists in relation to this episode's topics are credited to the producers, creators and those involved themselves. No copyright was/were purposely infringed, in compliance with Fair Use. Format of Beat Chatter and any rights that coincide with its presentation, let alone any parties involved, are held by their respectful owners and producers.

This episode was shot, edited and produced for the purposes of entertainment, uploaded, with permission, from the host and from any/all other parties involved.


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