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"Persona 5: Take Your Heart" Premium Edition PS4 Unboxing

It's the debut of Brian's Video Game Unboxing! Starting things off, Brian Velarde unboxes Persona 5: Take Your Heart Premium Edition for the PS4! While Brian thought it was a collector's edition box that's empty (why be negative?), it includes some neat items such as a school bag and a plushie.

This marks as the very first presentation of Brian's Video Game Unboxing.

To watch live streams of Brian Velarde's gaming, tune in to his Twitch.tv page, https://www.twitch.tv/lonewolfshinobi, and/or subscribe to his YouTube channel at https://www/youtube.com/user/lonewolfshinobi.

This presentation was originally aired and shown via Video Game Talk talk, per VIDEOGAMESOTROS, on KC Universal Network (formerly SHOWSOTROS). All items were presented by Brian Velarde, and were purchased personally. Items, brand names, character names, and game series titles mentioned on this video are credited to the creators and company who made and produced them. No copyrights were infringed purposely and are held by the rights holders themselves.

This episode was shot, edited and produced for the purposes of entertainment, uploaded, with permission, from the host and from any/all other parties involved.


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