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Media Information

KCU + Plus is an open platform for fans and viewers to stop by and enjoy our original video-/audio-based content that has been produced over the course of the years, sole-proprietary.

Both videos and audio presented here were produced, edited and created by the parties involvement in the projects, big and small. Some projects were inspired by other content creators, while some are original and made by us ourselves. All video and audio have been digitized for web release, in compliance with web-friendly formats that can be enjoyed for fans and viewers all aroudn the world. Some older projects have been painstakingly been re-digitized and remastered without any altering of the original release, and is presented as such during the time of its release.

You, the user, must agree that any re-uploading of our projects will not be tolerated nor recommended without permission. Many months and years of hard work have been placed into these projects, let alone creating a full dedicated website to focus on all these productions, shall not be disrepected, whether the user/viewer enjoys them or not. Your participation, such as leaving comments, is completely optional but please refrain from re-uploading our content on other websites. Since we don't require our viewers to create an account nor venture into a paid subscription model, we simply ask to respect the decisions we've made to make this an open invitation to everyone without limiting the options due to such misuse.

Requests to share and open a channel on our platform must undergo an evaluation, contract agreements and/or any such discussions before securing a partnership in broadcasting on our platform. Not all those wanting to share and post their projects on our platform will be considered.

Any questions regarding this, or report any re-uploading of our projects originally presented here, please contact us.