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Privacy Policy

KCU + Plus is an open platform for fans and viewers to stop by and enjoy our original video-/audio-based content that has been produced over the course of the years, sole-proprietary.

You, the user willing to participate on our platform, agree that any comments or emails sent to us will be read by an actual human being, reviewed and responded, if necessary. Note that by participating on our conversations will remain as is, but are compliant with keeping your information/location privately, and WILL NOT be sold to third parties. This is a sub-domain dedicated to presenting video production projects in such way that appeals to a worldwide audience, and the chiming of the audience's feedback, questions or suggestions are taken seriously and as such.

The users and visitors of this platform must also agree that the re-uploading of any of the videos and podcasts presented here shall not be considered without permission. The allowance of advertising on the website is the main purpose in monetary gains through our hard work, collaboration and/or any project launching to make such thing happen. Despite that there digitally is no way to stop those wanting to grab a copy of our work, we just kindly ask not to re-upload it elsewhere, unless granted permission.

We aim to make sure our viewers have 100% confidence in the usage of our platform without any second-guessing or skepticism, knowing that any information containing those mentioned above are kept securely. We do not, nor will we not, entertain any third-party companies looking to grab any information, visitor behavior nor track our users in exchange for website promotion, money or any "free" recognition thereof.

Given that this broadcast website does not require user account creation nor a paid subscription, we want to keep any communication strictly between our users and ourselves with no worry.

Any questions regarding this policy, please contact us.