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Terms of Use/Service

KCU + Plus is an open platform for fans and viewers to stop by and enjoy our original video-/audio-based content that has been produced over the course of the years, sole-proprietary.

Because this has been presented as an open platform without account creation not a paid subscription, you, the user, must agree that your participation on this platform will remain between you and those working behind the scenes. Your information will never be shared nor sold to third-party companies and advertisers, nor do we track you, the user's, behavior on and off our website.

We reserve the right to review any comments or emails sent to us. Any comments or emails not within topic, containing any libel, slander, attacks, death threats, false information, conspiracy plotting and/or ad hominem belittling will not get approved for posting, nor will receive any response via email. Any attempt to disrupt, hack or exploit any loopholes on our website will not be tolerated. Witnessing of any such frequent attacks will be reported to the webhosting company, handing the complaints over to authorities, as such legal action may be employed. Negative reactions or response to this must completely leave our platform.

This website is presented as an "open service" to those who enjoy watching/listening to our projects. A simple visitation and enjoyment of our visual/audio creations is a big compliment to our on-going hard work over the years. Integration of advertising is a must for the sake of generating a modest revenue from our work. Any donations are accepted but not required.

Any questions regarding this disclaimer, please contact us.