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VIDEOGAMESOTROS: The Podcast series


Video gaming is life! Co-hosted by Kris Caballero and Kevin Bittar, they both bring up topics related to video games along with discussing the latest stuff going on around the video gaming industry. Lay back and listen in to what's on their minds they want to share in relation to video gaming!

FOODSOTROS: The Podcast series


A sort of upgrade to FoodCenter, FOODSOTROS: The Podcast is the official podcast of KCU Network department FOODSOTROS. Co-hosted by Kris Caballero and Brooke Trout, both chime about their favorite meals, snacks and everything in between! (Series currently in hiatus.)

FoodCenter podcast series


Hosted by Kris Caballero, this simple series was an audio blog talking about particular spots and food items for discussions. This was a FOODSOTROS Productions under the KCU Network!

PODSOTROS! podcast series


PODSOTROS! was the official podcast series of SHOWSOTROS! Productions, now KC Universal Network, talking about various things from digital video, entertainment and some general audio blogging. This season featured majority of discussions about America's Got Talent. This podcast series was hosted by Kris Caballero.