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Brian's Video Game Unboxing series

Brian's Video Game Unboxing

Join video gaming enthusiast Brian Velarde as he unveils his very own game unboxings! From limited editions to collector packs, Brian shares what's inside these exclusives!

Spirit Detectives series

Spirit Detectives

Proving his admiration in the paranormal and spirit communication, Michael Ellis hosts his own series presenting his talking with spirits that still linger around particular spots in Southern California.

Beat Chatter series

Beat Chatter

An idea blossomed from brainstorming while on the job, Beat Chatter is a simple chit-chat show bringing up several topics, for answer and discussion, in relation to music. This show was co-hosted by Kris Caballero, Ryley Wyatt Merchant and Michael Ellis.

Krisman v Puzzle series

Krisman v Puzzle

Inspired from the film title, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Kris challenges himself into putting together a simple box of puzzles in the fastest time possible.

Handheld Niño series

Handheld Niño

Expressing his admiration to portable video gaming, Kris Caballero developed this graphically-ambitious series dedicated to everything video gaming for the Nintendo® Game Boy. (Note: This series is currently undergoing a massive re-production and will continue.)

Music Videos series

Music Videos

Montages, music videos were the format that brought Kris Caballero to develop an undying love for video production. This channel features current projects with a taste of musical goodness!



Specials feature rare, one-time exclusives, sometimes experimentals, showing off a particular style of presentation and/or editing. This channel also covers project styles that are not often able to be done by a one-man crew.